Why Gamers Are Crazy About Dragon ball legend

Have you ever played the Dragon Ball Legend Mod? If yes, then you must understand its gameplay. Basically, in this game players can choose their desired character in order to determine it for the fight with other opponents in the battle field. There is a huge list of the character which fights in the battleground. Each character comes with its own unique power. Therefore, it depends on players that which character they are going to choose for fighting.

Instead of this, some gamers face a shortage of DB legends Crystals in the game so they can use Dragon ball legend hack in order to grab free crystals. It would be the most accurate and easy method to get free premium currency. Therefore, once you get these crystals, then it can be used anywhere in the game. Here you can collect more facts about the characters of the game.

Playable and non playable characters

As we have already mentioned that you will find lots of character in the game. Make sure, there are two different types of characters are available first is payable and second is non payable. Therefore, here is its list which players of the Dragon ball legends will get in the game.
Future Trunks
Goten (kid)
Jaco and many more
Well, all these characters are payable for which you need players needs to use the in-game currency or real life money in the store.  On the other hand, players can also choose the option of non-payable characters and here is its list.
Jinkouman  – Gray Saibamen
Vegeta (Super Saiyan God)
Caiwareman – Blue Saibamen
Kyuukonman  – Yellow Saibamen
Tennenman  – Blue and Pink Saibamen
Therefore, you are able to choose any character from all this list and take advantage of them in the game. Instead of this, there are some people who stuck in confusion in the beginning that how to play the game. So, it is only possible if they check out the tutorial properly.